73608782f50eb6af17bb69bdcd662692_XLBuyers and Sellers depend on our auction events to provide their fair market value for assets, providing first-rate buying opportunities and successful seller results at the same time. Our auction services include online and on-site auctions with all items sold to the highest bidder.

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Inventory – Equipment Auction Upon contacting us for your auction needs, one of our professional consultants will meet with you to discuss your selling needs. We will then recommend a sale plan, which features important elements such as: target market, asset volume, timing considerations and your goals and objectives. All of our recommended strategies are created to maximize the value of the assets, provide a cost effective process, attract the market and motivate competitive bidding. By utilizing our industry insight and targeting the right group of customers, our skilled auctioneers have the skill and ability to deliver a complete disposition solution to produce the highest potential of net return while reducing client burdens.