39a27618f1dc54b80987c6706135e6b7_XLWhen the corporate leaders and professional advisors consider a company for valuation services, they look to Yellen Partners. Why? Experience and Reliability. Our asset valuation services are an integrated collection of specialty practices, utilizing skilled and experienced staff, to value a number of asset categories. Our appraisers have collectively amassed many years of experience. Each brings a unique perspective to our appraisal practice. Our team has appraised virtually every type of asset and we believe in the value of industry-specific expertise. It’s no wonder lenders and corporate leaders respect and trust our appraisals.

Change Is Constant. That Is Why You Need Appraisals That Reflect Change. Reliability is a very important aspect of Yellen Partners and asset appraisals have never been more important to lenders and corporate managers. We have the ability and staff to respond quickly no matter the location or the amount of assets. Yellen Partners understand the real value of assets and we base our appraisals on the realities of market value—today!